Book Smarter. Work Better!

Modern solutions for space utilization and productivity.

The platform for efficient property management.

Pinestack is an integrative Smart Building operating system.

Pinestack secures the future of your property.

Smart Office applications such as mobile room booking, functions for building automation on KNX and many other standards as well as effective energy data management turn your property into a smart building, a learning property – and cost drivers into service providers.

Pinestack creates the Digital Twin

Our modular software is designed to provide you with as much information as possible about your property and is ready for immediate use. Outstanding interface architecture ensures that our solutions integrate smoothly into your current infrastructure.

Management Software

We create the Digital Twin of your building. With our web interface you can manage content, create maintenance orders for service providers and evaluate analyses of building operation. Especially effective in combination with Worxpace.

Worxpace App

Data acquisition higher effectiveness through service: Navigation in the building, mobile room booking and real-time defect reports via app provide a new user experience and new insights into the use of your property.


Our platform is fully modular and individually scalable. Third party services can be easily integrated. More services means more benefits for customers and more data for the analysis of your building operations.

The control center. Pinestack takes your building to the Internet of Things.

Manage building operations and analyze and benchmark performance with just one interface: High connectivity provides valid live insights into the operation of your property right down to the field level.

The Worxpace app.
Standalone or integrated.

Offer your customers smart office services and increase the utility value and data volume of your real estate. Flexible, fully integrable into existing systems or as your own app in the corporate design of your choice.

This is how you take off with Pinestack.


Development of a sensor infrastructure

iBeacons or multisensors for navigation, positioning of assets and heatmapping.


Integration of the Pinestack operating system

Connection to your service providers and installation of our services.


Provision and management of services

App used by you and your customers for extra revenue and data generation.


Performance analysis and optimization

Optimization of building operation through versatile analyses.

Take off now and upgrade your real estate future.

More connectivity. More interaction. More attractiveness. More efficiency.

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

What about data security for employees and customers?

Privacy by Design means “built-in data protection”. At Pinestack, data protection according to the “European Data Protection Regulation” (EU-DSGVO) or “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) is already taken into account during development. This distinguishes us from other providers, who for the most part have to add this component subsequently. Pinestack wants to avoid data protection risks from the outset, which is also related to the founding date 2018. With regard to IoT devices, a distinction is recommended between the device itself and the IoT services associated with the device, for example control via an app.

How high are the savings in operating costs?

Pinestack divides the savings according to the individual TGA modules. Currently, according to estimates of the measured values from our installations, energy consumption is reduced by approx. 25% for lighting, 30% for ventilation & air conditioning, and approx. 18% for room heating and hot water.

What influence do the data have on the future structural orientation of my properties?

The comprehensive collection of user and building data makes it possible to analyse the demand for workplaces and derive key figures.

Can I use Pinestack to determine the square metre requirements of my customers more precisely?

Pinestack-Analytics offers the possibility to determine user behaviour on the basis of the collected data and to derive interpretations for architectural use.

Does Pinestack also offer consulting services on the subject of smart building?

Yes, we offer qualified consulting services and project management for the development of smart buildings.

Is it possible to obtain a short-term recording of room usage, space utilisation and occupancy rate?
Yes, this is even possible without much effort using the existing Wifi infrastructure as a basis for data analysis. With the help of algorithms, area efficiencies are quickly optimized, and an occupancy rate is created.
Isn't it possible to determine the space utilization via the existing wifi network?
Aggregated statistics about the users can be generated in real time via the data streams in the office spaces and the support of positioning devices with local strangulation. However, this method should be verified with the privacy policy.