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Pinexpace can be accessed through a web browser, and users can download and install it as a separate mobile application. This increases accessibility across various devices and operating systems, making it easier for customers to make bookings.

Real-Time Availability

Pinexpace allows businesses to update their availability in real-time. This ensures that customers always have access to the latest information regarding time slots reducing the chances of double bookings.

Scalability and Flexibility

Pinexpace offers scalability and flexibility for businesses of all sizes. As the business grows, the system can accommodate increasing booking volumes, add new services, or expand to multiple locations. This provides a sustainable basis for dynamic and efficient space management.

Seamless User Experience

Smooth and intuitive user interface. With features such as offline functionality and responsive design, customers can easily navigate through the booking process, reducing friction and increasing satisfaction.

Empowering Individual Users

Every user is given full control of their bookings, allowing them to edit and adjust according to their needs. Whether you need to reschedule a meeting or relocate a team brainstorming session, our app provides the flexibility you need.

Intuitive Occupancy Management

Our system efficiently handles occupancy by ensuring that the same room or desk can’t be booked by two users from the same company at the same time slot. An already booked space is highlighted in red, providing a clear picture of space availability.

Personal Booking Timeline

Experience an organized view of your bookings with our customized timeline. Get an overview of your daily, weekly, or even monthly bookings, making sure you’re always ahead of your schedule.

Onboarding as simple as that

1. Registration

Provide user name, user email, and customer/company name.

2. Login

Use the given link received in the email to set the password and then log in.

3. Let’s go

Use Pinexpace on any mobile or desktop device.

Book Smarter. Work Better!

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